A Few Things About Kitchen Cabinets to Explore

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Everyone knows that cabinets are the lifeline of a working kitchen. Without this, the cooking zone can lose its optimum efficiency and appeal.  You can never feel comfortable doing your work in a cluttered space. It can become an everyday struggle to rummage through hundreds of small and large items from the messy pile. Hence, it is essential to configure this space with proper cabinetry based on size and floor plan. You can achieve a lot through different styles. Generally, base cabinets perform the main task, while floating cabinets serve a decorative purpose in the backdrop of backsplashes, windows, and others. 

Anyway, nowadays, base cabinets are getting replaced by drawers for want of more storage and accessibility. In the sense of ergonomics, these features bring things closer to you rather than making you bend and ruffle up the arrangement. They can hold everything in proper order, no matter it includes dinnerware, cookware, or flatware. However, cabinets with doors can still be standard designs where people use a farm sink for a country kitchen. That’s why it is essential to understand cabinet styles and trends to explore what to do and how. Here are some fundamental insights. 

Trending kitchen cabinet styles

Kitchens opt for ceiling-high cabinets to make better use of the empty wall space. These vertical designs provide extra storage space for things you don’t need regularly. Think of your china and expensive cookware and serving-ware. In some cases, these full-length wall cabinets also emerge as accent walls while holding your necessary appliances and recipe books. If you talk about the cabinet material, particleboard and melamine have lost their popularity. In their place, plywood has taken center stage for its durability and strength. 

In terms of style, cherry wood is another major winner. The rich and dark look can attract anybody’s attention. However, if you want to do something more exotic, you can choose other woods like bamboo and mahogany. These woods come in lacquered and stained finishes. Since glazed surfaces are almost vanishing from the décor, you can pick a textured look to create a more natural vibe in the ambiance. 

Most American kitchens boast rail-style cabinets, while European kitchens use frameless cabinets. Experts believe that the frameless options are best for extra storage. Make sure these include soft-close hinges for doors and drawers. While a few hinges can have this, other models may require some work at an additional cost. If you opt for this, you can expect the cost to soar up to USD $350 to USD $500. Of course, the price can vary based on the size. Nowadays, touchless cabinets are also getting tremendous attention. So, it can be another area of interest for you.

Cabinet hardware is one more critical area. These functional pieces contain an excellent decorative value. When you shop for them, look for adjustable door hardware so that your installer can complete his job efficiently. 

Kitchen cabinet cost

In kitchen renovation or upgrading plans, cabinets form a considerable part because of the budget they demand. Hence, it is critical to know their prices, which may vary based on the type of construction anyone selects. You get custom, semi-custom, and stock cabinets in the market. Customized cabinets follow your specifications and may take time to complete based on the intricate details and workers’ availability. Semi-custom varieties give you some flexibility with design. However, stock or prefabricated cabinets are ready products you can buy from a store and get delivered quickly.  

If you have a small budget, going for stock cabinets is better. You can get them at a lower range of USD $60 to USD $200 per linear foot. Semi-custom options are a little pricey, charging approximately USD $100 and USD $650 per linear foot, and custom-made designs are the most expensive, costing about USD $500 to USD $1,200 per linear foot.

Wooden kitchen cabinet maintenance

No matter what wood material and finish you select, cabinets will get dirty over time due to grease, spills, and other issues. While some stains look stubborn, you can get rid of them with some simple commercial cleaning solutions. Or, you can make something at home with kitchen ingredients for an eco-friendly experience. It can be affordable and efficient too. Many people use vinegar, for instance, to deal with grease. Consider using the same thing if you want to make your cabinet face clean of this sticky thing. Make sure you mix 50% warm water and 50% vinegar. Store it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the cabinet. After a minute or two, wipe it with a clean, non-abrasive cloth.

Some overly grimy cabinet doors may not let go of the grunge quickly. On them, you need to use one more element – liquid dishwashing. Mix all these three and repeat the same process. Regardless of what solution you choose, remember that the cleaning method will be the same. You have to keep a soft sponge or a piece of rag handy to wipe the surface after spraying the solution on it. Some buildups may require a little cleaning force from your end. But be wary of going too hard on them. Clean the drawer pulls and door handles. The hardware areas and the ornate gaps can demand toothbrush cleaning. 

At the time of cleaning, keep your cabinet drawers and doors closed. Still, some amount of liquid will find its way inside. Hence, after completing the outside area, you can check the inside for cleaning. Use a fresh cloth or sponge damp with clean water to remove all the traces of the mixture. Subsequently, you can use a towel to dry the surfaces. On thicker stains of chocolates or syrups, a salt and vinegar paste can be more effective. Make sure to inspect the actual problem before creating any solution to save your time and effort.

Kitchen cabinets occupy higher square footage than most things. Some places miss them when they have to let go of these storage systems. If you plan to facelift your cooking zone, make sure to optimize or restore them. These functional furniture items can impact your kitchen décor massively. 


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