Enjoy The Bubble Soccer Game Using A Zorb Ball

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Nowadays, the trend of zorb balls is increasing among people. A zorb ball is an inflated ball through which people play various games. A person gets inside a zorb ball and rolls downhill from an inclined surface in zorbing. This ball has a volume of nearly 14 m and weighs around 75-80 kg. It is safe to use as it has PVC plastic. There are also straps inside the zorb ball to keep people secure. You can fill the air in the zorb ball using a blower. It is best to use on water, grass, and snow. Back in 1975, the zorb ball was invented by architect Gilles Ebersole.

No one should use a zorb ball near sharp objects. If this ball has any damage, make sure to repair it before using it. Always stay near to your child while they are inside the zorb ball. Also, you can play different games using a zorb ball. Nowadays, many people play a bubble soccer game with the zorb ball. In this article, we will talk about bubble soccer. You can also check about the e-commerce site Kameymall, where you can buy the best zorb balls, so keep reading:

Playing Bubble Soccer With A Zorb Ball

Bubble soccer is a famous sport similar to playing regular soccer. In bubble soccer, players play football while half-encased in an inflated zorb ball. This ball surrounds the player’s upper body and head. The main objective of this game is to kick the ball in the net, score goals and get the points. The team that scores the maximum goals wins the match. The game of bubble soccer is played in large indoor spaces. People play this game often at corporate parties, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. Bubble soccer was created back in 2011 by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. 

You will also get benefits from the bubble soccer game. It also improves the players’ health as it includes running and jumping. So, it helps to burn your fat and lose weight. Different bubble soccer games are also available, like bubble bowling, bubble sumo, and air ball soccer. So, you can also enjoy bubble soccer with your friends or colleagues by using zorb balls.

Safety Tips For Bubble Soccer

Before playing the bubble soccer game, you have to keep some things in your mind. It is vital to follow some tips to play this game safely; keep reading for more information:

  1. You have to make sure no sharp objects, like a rock, are near you before playing the bubble soccer game. In this way, you can save yourself from getting injured and your zorb ball from damage. 
  2. You have to focus on the movements of other players to avoid accidents. In this game, players run to score goals, and in this process, accidents happen. So, you have to stay careful to protect yourself from other players. 
  3. Always remember that you should fall on the bubble ball. In this game, bumping and falling happen. So, do not fall on your knees as it can hurt you. 
  4. Young children should not play bubble soccer games. This game involves plenty of falling and bumping. There are chances that they will get injuries while playing this game. So, young children can watch the match from a distance while their parents play this game.
  5. You should carry a first aid kit with you for playing bubble soccer. There are chances of accidents in this game, so safety is also essential.

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So, zorb ball is the best product to enjoy various games like bubble soccer. By playing this game, you will experience something new and adventurous. You will get a zorb ball for playing bubble soccer at Kameymall. You can also buy another inflatable product like an air track mat from this e-commerce site.


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