5 Paint Color Alternatives To Your Empty White Walls

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A home is not a home without color. Paint color can change the entire feel of your house. Instead of painting them all white, perhaps you should try something a little bolder and more daring. There are several paint color alternatives that can give your walls the color that it needs to make them look like a work of art. If you find yourself in dire need of some wall paint color suggestions to liven up your home, here are 5 paint color alternatives to paint the walls in your living space. 

Elevate The Look of Your Boring Walls


Pink is a very versatile color, and it has become even more neutral than it already was by default. Its popularity nowadays is so overwhelmingly positive that people describe pink as a “neutral” color. Pink comes in so many different but stunning shades, such as blush pink, romantic rose pink, and pale powder pink- all of which create a sense of warmth because of their subtle tones. The calming effects of Pink are clear. It’s one of the best options to use as on your walls to create an impressive space in your home. 

Soft Shade of Green

Green is a highly calming color since the color itself presents a physical connection to the natural world. In fact, it’s been proven that green can aid our health and wellbeing by reducing stress and helping people recover more quickly from all kinds of illnesses. Adding soft shades of green to your interior design will bring peace and harmony to your home and improve your health and even the quality of your life. If you’re looking for something soothing and refreshing to add to your home interior design, try grey- or blue-based greens with cool undertones. These hues work well in spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms where relaxation is fundamental.


Beige, the sophisticated sister of white, which is why it is categorized under the perfect alternatives to white. However, it is often considered to be a boring color that doesn’t inspire very much. It isn’t as groovy or luxurious as black or a vibrant yellow. But many people don’t realize that Beige can be a great color when it comes to interior design. For example, if you are trying to play it safe and create a minimalist or “neutral” look in your home then beige may be just the perfect choice. It also works perfectly with greens blues, copper, peach, tan, and more. Just remember not to go overboard with yellow because it could end up making the project look dated and cheap rather than fresh, clean, and chic!


Ocean Blue

Aside from green, blue has strong ties to the natural world. It is also a timeless choice that has been considered in interior design for ages and will most likely never go out of style in the years to come. Blue can be an ideal wall color idea since it creates a stunning contrast with blacks and whites. You simply have to pick your favorite shade for this purpose. There are so many different shade options for this color – ranging from silvery blue that is reminiscent of a clear winter sky to ocean-like blues with a hint of green or grey and are inspired by seas, lakes, and rivers. 



Khaki is not commonly mentioned but is absolutely worth your attention. For this purpose, Khaki works wonders when paired with olive green. These colors can be perfect for rooms that need a cozier or even more rugged feel. Remember to avoid opting for anything too yellow in tone if you want to maintain a soft and subtle vibe. They tend to work well with contrasting colors like black and beige, which is why they work harmoniously when paired together. This also works well with wooden furniture and richer tones of black, white, or gold. 


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