What are the 4 basic concepts of OOP?

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is a computer program design paradigm that systematizes software strategy for data or objects instead of functions and reasoning. Here object refers to a data field with its properties and behavior. This programming is ideal for big, complicated, frequently updated, or sustained projects, covering manufacturing and design software and mobile applications. 

The four fundamental concepts of OOP are:

Encapsulation – The bundling of data into one unit is called encapsulation. It’s the glue that holds code and the data it manipulates jointly. It can also be considered a shielding armor that stops data from being available by code outside the armor. You can attain it by stating the entire variables in the class as private and writing public means in the class to set and get the number of variables. 

Abstraction – Abstraction is also known as the extended version of encapsulation. This is a method of finding the essential characteristics of an object and overlooking unrelated facts. In other words, this is a process of retrieving, deleting, and selecting user data from a bigger pool of information. One of the benefits of choosing this process is that the same info collected can be utilized for some other applications, and that too with little or no changes. 

Inheritance – Inheritance is a vital support of OOP(Object-Oriented Programming). It is an instrument in Java via which a class is permitted to inherit another class’s characteristics (fields and methods). Significant terms in Inheritance are – Superclass, Subclass, and Reusability. In Java, several inheritances are used: single, multiple, multilevel, hierarchical, and hybrid. 

Polymorphism Polymorphism denotes the fact that some entities exist in manifold forms. Polymorphism, in simple terms, is the capability of communication to be exhibited in numerous formats.

What is Front-end web development?

Front-end web development, or client-side development as commonly known, is the process of creating HTML, CSS, besides JavaScript for a website or Web Application. As a result, an operator can see and network with them directly. One of the difficulties associated with front-end web development is that tools and methods used to produce a website fluctuate repetitively. Hence, the developer should always be aware of how the field is evolving.

The Front-end is as equally important as the Back-end. If you pursue a front end developer course online, then you can make your career in web development. To learn Front End Development, one should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

Javascript is another highly used language and is important for working in the web development arena. It is crucial to acquire because it is widely used in current websites and is in high demand. It can be utilized for both back-end and front-end development effortlessly with the help of various frameworks proffered like NodeJS, jQuery, etc. 

With the help of Javascript, you can create websites that are more appealing and extremely receptive. It can not only be used for creating websites but also mobile applications. 

jQuery is the most widely used JavaScript library. It is cross-platform compatible. It’s most useful for AJAX calls and DOM manipulation because it makes them easier to use. It can also be utilized to incorporate animations into a website.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a widely-used programming language for creating web pages. Earlier, HTML was used to shape a text’s structure, including headings, paragraphs, and titles. However, these days it is extensively used for forming, editing, formatting web pages, and determining the material structure. It is also useful in creating and changing web pages with plentiful features. 

For any software engineer, learning HTML is a stepping stone. Benefits of studying HTML are:

  • You can design websites and alter the prevailing web pages with the help of various functions.
  • For mastering web designing, the knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.
  • When it comes to boosting the efficiency of your website, HTML is really useful. You can enhance the responsiveness of your website, among other things.
  • HTML serves as a foundation for other languages such as JavaScript, PHP, etc. When you have a good understanding of HTML, learning and understanding other languages becomes much easier.

What are Tags and Attributes?

HTML tags and attributes are the foundation of HTML. Though they work together yet, they have diverse jobs to perform. Tags indicate the beginning of an HTML component and are often enclosed in angle brackets. An instance of a tag is: <h1>.

Attributes are data fields that include extra data. Attributes are represented by an opening tag with extra data inside. An instance of attribute: 

<img src=”mypet.jpg” alt=”A photo of my pet.”>

All attributes consist of two fragments − a name and a value. The name is the property one wants to set, and the value is what one wants the worth of the property to be set and always placed in quotations.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a basic and easy way of designing web pages. It is a design language that makes customizing and presenting web pages easier. One of its main functions is to make web pages more appealing and user-friendly. To become a successful web designer also, one needs to know CSS and HTML. It mixes with HTML and XHTML so that it brings out the best of the web page built. 

The Conclusion:

If one desires to grow and become a renowned software engineer, learning OOP, Front End Development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are necessary. You will be able to solve problems effectively, create unique and attractive websites. Also, your job opportunities will widen as these programs are highly in demand in industries like investment, healthcare, automation, applied sciences, real estate, e-commerce, merchandising, etc. 

Several institutes offer courses on OOP concepts, front-end developer courses online, and HTML attributes and tags.


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