Top Reasons to Use OLAPLEX No.0 & No.3


1. Use OLAPLEX No.0 & OLAPLEX No.3 for stronger, healthier hair

OLAPLEX No.0 & OLAPLEX No. 3 are created to be used together so the results of using them are more powerful than use of each one separately . If you have decided to use Olaplex products for your hair, there is no need to choose between using either of them – use both!

2. Improve damaged hair with less risk

For repairing the damage done on the surface of your hair cuticle it’s better to use low strength formulas that can be easily washed away with water after application, but often these products cause further damage to your hair because they are too aggressive towards your already damaged hair. Olaplex No.0 & No.3 are very gentle on the cuticle, so there is less risk of further damage to your hair after you fix them with Olaplex products.

3. Save time and money

The difference between OLAPLEX No 0 and OLAPLEX No 3 is not only their concentration but also which step they belong to in the Olaplex system. Use only one product for two steps instead of two different products for each one separately – it saves time and money!

4. Try something new

Olaplex No 0 & OLAPLEX No 3 are suitable not only for repairing damaged hair but also as a treatment mask that will improve health of your hair even if it’s not damaged. They are great way to try out Olaplex system before deciding if you want to use one of the products in a higher concentration (Olaplex No 1, 2, or 3) or continue using Olaplex No 0 & OLAPLEX No 3 for maintenance treatments once your hair quality has improved.


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