What is wedding Projection Mapping?

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Wedding projection mapping is the art of using digital media to enhance existing architecture or sets. Digital projection artists can come in and turn any surface into a canvas for media to be portrayed on. The media itself can be designed to each client making each wedding truly unique and something to remember. This process came to light after a video showing a mapped wedding cake went viral done by disney in 2014. Since then the ball has only continued to roll and new ideas have been spun up. Nowadays, even the wedding dress or tuxedo can be mapped onto to create a magically stunning one of a kind outfit to show off to all. A regular wall can become an elegant wall of roses or a mystical gateway to a faraway land. 

Projection Mapping and Wedding Dresses

A common use for projection mapping at weddings in the last few years has been by mapping the bride’s dress. It allows for any stunning visual or multiple visuals to be projected to align with you as you walk down the aisle making for some incredible photos and a memorable experience for everybody involved. 

Projection Mapping and Wedding themes

Wedding themes are incredibly popular in order to have a spectacular and unique experience.  Through projection mapping themes that were unachievable before are not anymore, like a Disney theme, Paris nightlife for the whole family, StarWars, or any other idea. Meticulous details can be planned out to have a truly unforgettable experience. There is no limit to the imagination that can be created through projection mapping.  What is even more unbelievable is that it can be cheaper than traditional wedding decor. If a more traditional route is wanted, projection mapping is a great way to achieve that with lighting done easily. 

Where some may opt to go with roses, lighting, and screens all that can be done easily through a few projectors with mapping capabilities. Transformation of the space is not all that projection mapping is capable of. 3D mapping can be used on stagnant objects to bring life into them. Turning average statues into the centerpiece of any wedding. A cake can be projected into a collage of memories and events. Vows can be cast on a backdrop as they are spoken for the crowd to see. The possibilities with projection mapping are countless!

(An interactive showcase using projection mapping capabilities and an interactive cake Source: Chroma Project)  

Interactive Pieces 

Interactive dance floor

All sorts can be done with interactive mapping, such as an interactive dance floor to wow your guests. It can be all the work of an entire lighting crew done through one process. The floor can be outlined with a brilliant display of lights that moves as the crowd does or slows down for that special dance. Creating an space for your guest to interact with and be blown away by. 

Add visuals to your DJ or music

You can have a concert style set for half the cost using projection mapping. The visual effects can outline a drum kit to a beat or light up a set and interactive backdrop. All the visuals can be handled through projection mapping. Most big events, such as concerts and live shows already use projection mapping, but with the technology becoming more advanced and affordable now you can have your own big time concert in your wedding. 

Map your cake

Wedding projection mapping is one of the best ways to have the most creative wedding with magnificent displays for all your guests to be amazed by. Mapping a cake is a service that is sure to bring joy to you and your party-goers by turning your cake from stagnant art and instead bring showstopping life into it with visual effects, light, art, pictures, memories, or whatever you can think of.


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