Top 3 Jobs for Highest Electronics Engineer Salary

Another branch of engineering that is closely related to electrical engineering is electronics engineering. The main distinction is that electronics engineers are concerned with what happens inside an electronic device, such as hardware components, whereas electrical engineers are frequently concerned with powering the system. 

If you’re trying to decide whether to study electrical engineering or electronic engineering, the Bureau of Labor Statistics can help you understand the embedded systems online course and outlook and possibilities.

Electronic engineering job description

It includes designing and developing electronic equipment. These can be for broadcasting and communication devices like mobile phones and portable music players. Electronics engineers create the components that enable electrical systems to function in accordance with the software embedded in them and incoming signals.

Electronics engineers create devices, test components, equipment, and systems that primarily operate on low voltage power or electricity. Discussing proposals with clients, working with colleagues to design new systems, circuits, and devices, improving existing technology, testing models, writing specifications, and technical reports are all part of their responsibilities.

The following are the three jobs that pay the most for electronics engineers:

1. Staff Electronics Engineers

Job descriptions for staff electronics engineers include performing detailed calculations to construct, manufacture, and implement specifications. They collaborate with senior electronics engineers to create new systems, circuits, devices, embedded systems, and software.

Staff electronics engineers typically earn around $114k per year, with companies like Intel paying staff electronics engineers as much as $145k per year, depending on experience and skill set.

2. Electronics field engineers

They are in charge of preparing and delivering technical presentations to customers or prospects in order to explain the products or services. They hold discussions with clients and other engineers to assess equipment needs and system requirements. They collaborate with in-house sales teams to understand customer needs and provide sales support.

Electronics field engineers also renew and secure purchase orders and arrange delivery, plan and modify products to meet customer expectations, assist clients in troubleshooting installed equipment, make recommendations for material or machinery improvements, and assist in the research for new products.

Electronics field engineers can earn around $117k per year, with most companies also paying a commission or bonus payment, resulting in a significantly higher net pay.

3. Senior Electronics Engineers/Technicians

Senior electronics engineers and technicians are in charge of troubleshooting and solving complex technical problems in a wide range of industries. It is their responsibility to create, modify, and test processes and products through research and development, while also developing the product or process. With increasing scope online electrical engineering course is being introduced.

An engineering technician should be able to calculate, record experiment results, create prototypes, and use computer-aided design. During the design phase, they must create a draught and operate and maintain testing equipment. They calibrate test equipment, manage computer simulations to virtually test their designs, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment for various fields, among other things.

Senior Electronics Engineers and Technicians earn an average of $103k per year, with some earning up to $132k.

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