How to Read Text Messages Without Access to Target Phone

Text Messages

Do you constantly wonder who your loved ones converse with via text? Well, there are a few methods you can use to read texts without target phone. Tracking apps have become all the rage in recent years, and for a good reason. These apps help users to read other people’s text messages, social media chats, emails, and more remotely without spooking their victims.

Read on to learn how to hack text messages without target phone.

Is Texting Still Popular?

More than 18.7 billion text messages are sent each day. In addition, over 5 billion people (around 65% of the earth’s population) communicate using text messages. These remarkable stats prove just how popular texting really is. It’s the most common cell phone activity today.

There are several reasons that may prompt you to read someone else’s texting history. These include:

  • You suspect that your partner is cheating. If you notice drastic changes in your spouse’s grooming habits, wardrobe preferences, or routine schedule, there’s a chance that he/she could be cheating. Reading their text messages can help you confirm or disprove these suspicions.
  • You want to protect your kids from bullies. Parental supervision is vital during a child’s early stages of development. Reading their SMS messages frequently will help you safeguard them from online bullies and digital frauds.
  • You’re keeping an eye on your employees. Business owners might need to study their staff members’ texting history in order to keep them in check and prevent them from leaking confidential information to rival companies.

The Most Effective Solution to View Someone’s Text Messages

mSpy is a powerful monitoring app that allows people to read text messages without access to target phone. You also have the opportunity to get to know how to install mSpy without the target device, that will help you to start reading any text messages easily.  Apart from providing full access to your target user’s SMS messages, mSpy also reveals their social media chats and emails.

mSpy tracks all messages that your loved ones send or receive on their default SMS app. In addition, it monitors instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Kik, Viber, and Tinder.

Before installing mSpy on your target phone, check whether it’s compatible with the device and then choose a suitable subscription plan from the list. iPhone users can conveniently use this remarkable SMS spy without installing on target phone. However, you’d need to have your target’s iCloud login credentials to install mSpy on their device.

If you’re looking to install mSpy on any Android device, you first need physical access to the target phone to download the app manually. Rooting isn’t required if you simply want to access basic features such as SMS monitoring and call log tracking. However, you’ll need to root the phone if you’re interested in spying on your loved one’s Gmail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and similar social media platforms.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before installing any SMS monitoring software on your target device, there are some crucial factors you should consider. Let’s discuss these factors below:

  • Customer reviews

Studying product reviews can provide vital information about the app you’re looking to purchase. Make sure you read feedback and testimonials from consumers who’ve used those spy apps before to understand whether they suit your preferences. You can get credible customer reviews from authoritative websites such as SiteJabber.

  • Affordable pricing

Although tracking apps aren’t free, they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Your preferred tracking up should provide affordable subscription plans that conveniently meet your budget. However, it’s important to steer clear of free apps since they could sell your private information to third-party sites or infect your device with unwanted malware.

  • Features and ease of installation

Your preferred spy app should not only be easy to install and set up, but it should also contain all the essential tracking features that you’re looking for. Ensure you read the software specifications before making the purchase and download an app that provides amazing value for money.


Using a monitoring app to read texts without target phone allows you to know who your loved one is texting via SMS or on social messaging apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. After much review, we’ve found mSpy to be the best text message tracking app in the market.


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