What Are the Top Industries in Oakland, CA?


The city of Oakland has always been a major player in California’s Bay Area and is now considered one of the strongest areas for job growth throughout the entire state. More and more opportunity is there for those who’ve always called Oakland home. There’s also now a stronger influx of new residents making their way to the city for career opportunities. 

With more and more people searching for Oakland houses for sale, others might start to get curious about what types of industries are the most popular there. Wondering if the opportunities in Oakland are right for you? Here’s the top in the city to help you in seeing if the move is the right choice for your career. 

Commercial Shipping

It’s easy to not think about all the steps that go into getting a particular item from the factory into your hands. Whether it’s something that’s eventually going to end up on a store shelf or an item that’s getting sent directly to your house, odds are it actually ended up in the country through a port. Oakland in particular is the 4th largest port in the United States

Given the dock has 600,000 square feet of storage, it’s completely possible many of the goods you own first made their way through Oakland in particular. It takes plenty of employees of all skill sets to make an operation on a scale as large as that operate smoothly so there are plenty of long term jobs for those who have any interest or experience working in logistics.


The single largest employer in the city is the insurance company Kaiser Permanente. Over 11,000 people work throughout the company’s various roles and locations. While the company’s main goal is providing the best healthcare possible, don’t feel this isn’t somewhere to apply if you don’t directly work in that field. To keep a company like this running, there are more roles than you might imagine. 

If you are someone in more traditional business roles, think things like sales, IT, and accounting, there’s a need for plenty of employees with those skill sets to keep a business that operates on a scale as large as this one. It’s the same logic for those considering employment at the Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. While there’s plenty of opportunities for those interested in clinical roles, don’t feel there isn’t a spot for those more familiar with more traditional office work. 

Airline Industry

Thanks to the Oakland International Airport being the major travel hub that it is, there’s plenty of work available to ensure flights are taking off and landing as smoothly as possible. Like with healthcare, it takes plenty of employees to keep an airport running and that makes for plenty of good paying jobs in the greater Oakland area. 

One of the major employers within the Oakland International Airport is Southwest Airlines. While the airline isn’t based out of Oakland, the city is one of its major focuses within the United States. With giving so much attention to this airport in particular, that specific airline is one of the strongest job creators throughout the city. 


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