First Solo Adventure? 5 Tips For A Smooth Trip

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At times, there is a pressing need to reconnect with yourself, shove away the stress of everyday life, and take refuge in the bliss of solitude. Traveling solo is a deliciously self-constructing activity. You are on your own to discover the hidden wonders of the world and yourself. You can eat whatever you want, go wherever you wish, and your spirit is free as it can be at the moment. The feeling of empowerment, renewed confidence, and a chance to reflect on your life is what waits ahead for you. The only person you will be compromising with is yourself. However, even if the urge to set out on a solo trip is more than ever, you will still have concerns about safety, loneliness, and managing everything on your own. So if you have finally decided to have some time for yourself, follow these tips to address the issues and have a smooth, memorable trip. 

1. Pre-book An Accommodation with Good Reviews:

It is better to play cautiously before than to be sorry later. Since you will be all by yourself, it will be a good idea to pre-book your accommodation of choice. Leaving this task for the last moment is very risky as the hotels or cabins might run out of rooms, especially during the seasons when tourism is in full swing. Running from one hotel to another with loads of luggage sliding along would be a very unpleasant start to your fun trip. So, for example, if you plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains, a popular tourist attraction in Tennessee, you can look for an appropriate lodging in Gatlinburg TN located at the foot of the mountains, and pre-book it to be on the safe side. 

Moreover, when traveling alone, do not compromise on the accommodation you choose and go for a well-known one, even if you have to pay a little more. If you are hesitant to pay extra and want to go for something low-key and entirely new, explore your options thoroughly. Surf through the websites or social media, and choose the one with plenty of good reviews. Reasonable accommodation will make sure you are well-rested and that your belongings are safe in your absence.

2. Be Prepared for Emergencies:

While your trip will surely be safe and sound, preparing for emergencies is always a smart move. For this purpose, search for all the emergency numbers of your destination and save them on your phone. It will be even better if you set them on a speed dial, as looking for them can be very frustrating when you need them instantaneously. Also, get to know the locations of hospitals, clinics, and police stations nearby. All the effort might be for nothing in the end, but you never know when this information comes in handy! It will also give you a sense of security in an unknown place. 

Along with that, prepare a small medical kit to carry with you. Place some bandages, painkillers, an antiseptic, and other medications if you suffer from any medical conditions, like migraine, allergies, hypertension, etc. These things can be a life-saver at times. One to two self-defense weapons are also essentials for safety. Whether it’s pepper spray or a firearm, like palmetto state armory AR 9, you can ensure your safety.

3. Connect with the Locals and Other Travellers:

Traveling alone does not mean you have to be alone all the time. You may have wanted to travel solo to reconnect with yourself, but man is a social animal. Even if you are an introvert, a few smiles and handshakes will not harm anyone. Only the fact that you are in the same place with someone else at the same time is enough for a short, casual conversation. Moreover, the essence of a place lies in its people. You surely would not want to miss out on that! So do not hold back and mingle with the locals. They might also guide you about the place, where to get good food from, sights worth visiting, and much more. Also, try to exchange a few sentences with other like-minded travelers and share your experiences. You may feel hesitant at first, but you will soon enjoy these small moments of camaraderie with strangers, bringing your traveling experience to a whole new level!

4. Balance Your Expenditures:

Traveling alone means that there is no one to share the burden of the expenses. So carve out a budget and squeeze your expenditures within its limit. Look for ways to cut down on unnecessary spending and save money for something more exciting. For example, consider traveling off-season when tourism is less, and you can get accommodation and other services, like transportation, at cheaper rates. Also, plan your meals wisely and look for places with relatively reasonable prices. Also, keep checking on how much you have spent and what limit remains behind. Unmonitored spending can get you in trouble if you are on a tight budget. So spend wisely to avoid running out of money before your trip ends. 

5. Don’t Get Conscious About Traveling Alone:

Where exploring the world on your own has its perks, you might feel conscious or awkward at times, especially if it is your maiden solo trip. But sit back, enjoy, and do not think of it as anything abnormal. You might get anxious while going to a restaurant on your own or for a small shopping spree. But there is nothing for you to be worried about, and go on with your natural style. It is all just in your mind, and no one will pay heed if you are alone or with a company. Go on morning strolls, explore the streets, visit the malls, and be like a free bird. However, being nervous or fidgety can draw attention. So be confident in your company and blend in, and everything will go just right!


Traveling alone is a great way to revitalize your energy. You will feel a visible difference in your personality on your return home. However, how your trip turns out depends upon your approach and what you expect it to give you at the end. You might find yourself pushing hard or cutting some slack. Whatever the case, try to make sure you achieve the things that made you embark on this journey in the first place. So if this trip is what your mind and body crave, let go of all the hesitation and nervousness, and you will soon find yourself sated at the end!


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