An Introduction to hotjar for wordpress


I have been using ‘hotjar’ for wordpress for nearly a year now. It is a simple plugin that allows me to keep track of posts that are posted from an RSS feed. Whenever I hit publish, I can see the number of pages the feed is pulling from, and I can easily determine the page title, URL, and more. The plugin also creates a new post for you automatically.

Hotjar was one of the first plugins to allow for a lot of the things that a blog does, and it also has the benefit of helping me manage my blog. The plugin also has a powerful search feature. It has been used to pull in articles from many different blogs and help me find a topic I’m particularly interested in, but a search will show the search term, the title, and the URL of the page that the blog I’m looking at is on.

A big feature of the plugin is that it notifies you when a new post has been made on your blog. It does this via email, but you can also get notified through your wordpress dashboard. So if you have a blog, you can get notified when a new post is made on your site.

I can’t really say what a hotjar is (I think it was the word that was used in the video) other than it’s a WordPress plugin that lets you pull in posts from sites you don’t own or that have no access to. I think it just has a lot of great features and is free to use. If you’ve never used the plugin before, it’s a great way to get started.

If you have an E-mail account you can go to the wordpress dashboard and add your website to the hotjar list for your wordpress blog. If you need to get on the dashboard you need to sign up for a premium account though. If you want to try it without a premium subscription you can get the plugin from the link below.

I am a huge fan of hotjar for its ease of use, its ability to be integrated with any wordpress blog, and its ease of use. I think its a great plugin for anyone looking to get started with wordpress. Its free to use, and its simple to get started. Once you get the plugin installed you can use the quick link below to start getting some cool features.

WordPress is a great platform for a lot of things. One of those things is that you can embed hotjar in your theme. You can add your own link (or a custom link) on any wordpress post, or page, and it will show up in the hotjar dropdown in the top right corner of the post. This is incredibly useful because it will give you a link in your posts when someone visits your blog via a link in their blog.

I’ve seen this plugin work really well for bloggers who are trying to improve their SEO for their content. The WordPress SEO plugin also works well for other bloggers who are trying to improve their blogs. It can be used to quickly and easily include your own content on your site.

WordPress’ SEO plugin can also be used to include your own content on your site. It can also be used to quickly and easily include your own content on your site.


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