5 Jobs You Can Get After Pursuing a Business Management Course


A business management course in Singapore can unlock many opportunities for you. Unlike other fields of study, business administration is divided into many different areas of specialization. That means that there are plenty of career options that stem from taking such a course. Whether you are starting with a diploma or going straight into a degree program, you are assured of being equipped with adequate knowledge and training, especially if you enroll in an institution that offers hands-on learning. 

If you are already running a business and want to pursue a course in business management, here at https://www.psb-academy.edu.sg/disciplines/business-management-courses, you can enroll for part-time classes and get equipped with the relevant skills needed to be an effective business manager. 

If you have been considering taking a course in business management, here are some of the best jobs you can get upon completion. 

1.    Bookkeeper/Accountant 

As an accountant or bookkeeper, your role would be to monitor a company’s financial records. In a business administration course, you can learn all about accounting, from preparing financial reports to filing taxes and implementing monetary policies. An accountant is a crucial person in a business or company, which means they receive great pay. Accounting is a highly lucrative career option. 

2.    Administrative Assistant 

In Singapore, admin assistants are in high demand because there are plenty of businesses. As an admin assistant, your job is to perform clerical duties such as preparing invoices, communicating with clients, updating database information, scheduling meetings, and even answering phone calls. It may seem hectic, but as you do this, you learn how to run a business, and soon, you can open your own business and use the experience learned when working for others. Since most firms want to work with only the best, a diploma or degree in business administration is a crucial requirement when hiring admin assistants. 

3.    Sales Representative 

Contrary to what people think, becoming a sales rep requires knowledge that can only be obtained from business school. Yes, you may work as a sales rep without a diploma or degree, but rarely will you get a well-paying gig. Certified sales reps can earn as much as 7,870 SGD per month. From this course, you will learn how to professionally contact new and existing clients. You will also be educated on interacting with different types of clients, from individuals to businesses. 

4.    A Business Manager 

Quite often, many business owners in Singapore employ themselves as managers. Even though that’s a good thing since you get to oversee how your business is running, to manage a business successfully, you must have the skills and knowledge needed to implement robust business strategies and maximize profits by utilizing factors of production. 

5.    Human Resource Manager 

Another well-paying career is human resource management. These are experts who oversee employee training, management, firing, and hiring. Your goal is to ensure that company’s employees are productive and working in a conducive business environment. 

The Bottom Line 

A business management diploma or degree can take you in many different directions. Being a program with so many career choices, you shouldn’t hesitate to enroll in a course as soon as possible. Before registering, it’s essential to do some soul searching and identify which sector you are most interested in.


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