Enrichment education can help improve the academic performance


The career of a child depends to some extent on his academic record and skills which he has. In most schools, there are a large number of students in a class, so the teacher cannot provide personalized attention to a student. Also many of the skills which a student requires for excelling academically like reading and writing should be developed at a young age. Hence parents are looking for educational programs which will enhance these skills in their children. The enrichment education program has been developed after extensive research so that young children develop the skills they require to succeed.


One of the most important skills for doing well academically is reading. If the student is able to read quickly, he or she will be able to read more and also spend less time reading. Also it is important to understand what is being read, so that it is easier to remember the information and apply it for answering questions. The reading enrichment is for younger children between the age of three to six. For children below the age of four, they are taught the basic reading techniques. Older children are given more comprehensive training in reading, speaking , listening based on their skill levels.


Writing clearly and fast can give a student a distinct advantage while answering exams and his career. Though students are already writing essays as part of their school work, undergoing the enrichment program will improve their English writing skills to a great extent. The course has been developed after extensive research to help students understand how to structure sentences and paragraphs properly. They also learn how to use punctuation and verbs properly so that there are no grammar mistakes. Students are taught to write in different styles, and to proofread and edit their own writing, so that there are no spelling or other mistakes.


The time taken for a student to learn something new varies significantly. Students who can quickly understand and learn are more likely to do well academically. They also have to spend less time studying and have more free time for other activities. Though most people assume that learning is something natural, in reality, the right technique requires understanding the education system, psychology of the student, neuroscience and theater. Neuroscience explains how children hear what is taught, interpret the information provided, and use the information for understanding what is taught to them.

The students are taught the best learning techniques to help them learn faster and understand better. This training includes understanding the meaning of various words, the context in which these words are being used. The student is also taught how to memorize so that it is easier to recollect poems, sentences, paragraphs based on the words which are used in them. The student learns how to split words, especially longer words into parts to avoid making spelling mistakes. Since most students are reading what they wish to learn, they are trained to understand what they read better identifying and recollecting the most relevant keywords.


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