Tips to buy engagement rings for couples

engagement rings
engagement rings

Engagement rings is a traditional symbol of engagement, given by the man to a woman. Originally, the ring was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand (the “ring” finger). It was believed that this finger bore a vein which went directly to the heart. Engagement rings for couples are a symbol of love and commitment, and have been part of the engagement ceremonies since the time of the ancient Greeks. Tips to buying one includes;

1. Do your research

This is important as you will be spending good money for a wedding ring. You don’t want to get stuck with something you end up hating in the long run. There are even websites that have tons of pictures and designs for you to browse through and decide what style you like best.

2. Buy on a budget

Some guys might think about just going out and buying some fancy, expensive rings for their future wife with no regard for price, but if you do this, she’ll know about it, and it can make her feel bad about the whole thing. To avoid feeling guilty, keep things on the hush-hush until you have every detail worked out exactly how you want them. To avoid being a cheapskate, only tell her how much you’re spending and what you’re getting her after the thing is already settled, and certainly not before. For most people, that’s just not the way to do it.

3. Invest in an insurance policy

You don’t want to lose such an important piece of jewelry because of a simple accident or carelessness. It could mean the end of your relationship if you lost something so valuable. There are even insurance companies that will cover sentimental value as well as replacement cost for jewelry, just make sure you choose one wisely.

4. Compare

Retail jewelry stores are going to be able to give you a good rate for very high quality, but there are sites that offer much better deals for people who know what they want and who have an exact idea of what they’re looking for.

5. Make the ring fit with her style

If she’s all about sparkly, shiny rings, that’s great. But if she has more of a minimalist kind of personality, maybe you can compromise by getting something without sparkle or shine, but with the right amount of elegance and classiness.

6. Make sure the ring will fit her finger

Not all engagement rings for couples are the same sizes and shapes, so make sure you know if your future wife’s fingers are slender or wide before you go out and buy any rings. If she has very interesting tastes, try to find a ring with a bit of both worlds, like some of the unique ones you can find online. Go small with some gold, even if it’s just a little bit, on top of a large band. This gives off the perception that the small diamond is much larger than it actually is.

7. Go to a jewelry store and ask questions

Ask questions like, “Do you have different sizes?” or “do you have rings that are unique to this style of jewelry?” Discover some gems that you might not find in the stores, which can only be found online. Online sales are great because you can grab them at the best prices, assuming your future wife doesn’t hate shopping.


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