Why Should Your Business Consider Group Medical Insurance? 


For a business to succeed in Singapore, you must prioritize your customers and employees. Understandably, many firms mainly focus on clients since they are the source of revenue. However, without the employees, the business would be non-existent in the first place. There are many ways you can appreciate and take care of your employees. One of the best ways is by providing them with group medical insurance. If you have recently stumbled across group health insurance and are wondering if it’s worth channeling resources into, below are some benefits it can offer business owners.

 1. Access to Lower Premiums

The main benefit of a group medical insurance cover is that it features lower premiums than an individual plan. Cost is a critical factor for any company. Comparing the rates of a group health insurance plan per person and that of an individual cover, the former costs way less. The reason for that is that there is a bigger risk pool in a group setting. The risk is spread across a vast number of people. Therefore, an insurance broker will charge less. The lower premiums associated with group health insurance will be highly beneficial to employers, employees, and the business itself. 

2. It Helps You Attract the Best Talent

Singapore’s career market is highly competitive. To find the best employees in the market, you must provide quality incentives. With a group, medical insurance provider such as https://expatinsurance.com.sg/group-medical/ which offers inpatient, outpatient coverage, vision, dental, psychiatric, and many other benefits, no employee will be able to turn down your offer, no matter their level of skill or experience.

Health insurance is one of the most effective hiring strategies. Besides salaries, many job seekers these days are interested in health benefits. Providing such a package ensures you have access to skilled workers who will put your business/company on the path to success. 

3. Group Health Insurance Boosts Employee Loyalty

Having a team of loyal employees comes with many benefits. With such a group, you are assured that competitors won’t poach them. Secondly, you will retain quality workers who channel professional skills into your company. Providing your employees with a health plan sends the message that you care and appreciate them. In return, they will reward you with unwavering loyalty. 

4. A Healthy Workforce is More Productive

Healthcare in Singapore isn’t cheap. You will be surprised to discover that many of your employees struggle with medical bills. However, when you introduce group medical insurance, your workers can access quality healthcare. And if your team is healthy, they will have the energy to channel their strengths into achieving your company objectives. While we are still in healthcare, employers need to understand the importance of mental health and add it to the cover.

 5. It Also Promotes Job Satisfaction

When you scroll through social media these days, you will see many posts about how people hate their jobs. That’s not the environment you want to create in your company. One of the ways you can prevent that is by offering employee health insurance. With such a benefit, your employees will be satisfied with their job, boosting their morale to work better.

 Final Thoughts

Group medical insurance benefits both employees and employers. To employees, it’s an added benefit that will make them more satisfied with their jobs. To employers, you will be able to recruit the best experts in Singapore, access lower premiums, and partner with a productive and loyal workforce.


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