The Most Powerful Characters In Warcraft

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In World of Warcraft, there are a lot of famous creatures, including renowned warriors, strong wizards, and crafty villains. This article contains our selection of the coolest World of Warcraft heroes.

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Garrosh Hellscream

Garrosh, the former horde leader, was swayed by Y’Shaarj, the most potent god of antiquity. The horde and the alliance had to work together and enlist the aid of adventurers to destroy Garrosh Hellscream in his new form. This is hardly surprising because in the WOW universe, adventurers are revered as superhumanly powerful heroes.

Garrosh was more powerful than every character on this list put together. Why? Because he gave the opponents a vision of his victory throughout the battle. The alliance and horde commanders being trapped on peaks in Stormwind were depicted in one of the visions. The plan to overthrow Garrosh would have failed terribly without the aid of adventurers.

Hellscream received sufficient strength from Y’Shaarj so that he very certainly would have survived the orbital impact of Velen. 

Garrosh also possessed a technological advantage. He intentionally exploited goblins’ creations. The iron horde has grown to be a significant threat to the entire globe as a result of technology allowing orcs to strengthen their military production. In his goal to rule everyone, Garrosh focused on technology and fleeting power, and both elements worked together to make him superior to everyone else.


The prophet Velen, the head of the draenei, is another figure who rose to prominence because of magical items. Of course, he has also accomplished things himself. Velen was able to independently construct a defensive barrier that destroyed any demon attempting to attack the capital when the legion attacked Argus. 

Velen, a remarkably strong healer, has agreed to serve as King Anduin Wrynn’s mentor. The prophet is also highly regarded among the Naaru (the holy beings known as the primary source of light magic in Azeroth). When fighting took place in the Tower of Magicians, Velen assisted the “tanks” in taking out the bosses. He also defeated a strong opponent, destroying his shield with the power of his thoughts. 

After fighting alongside Illidan and Khadgar, Velen headed to Kil’jaeden to negotiate. Velen destroyed a great number of demons in the crucial combat in the Tomb of Sargeras before persuading the dying Kil’jaeden, who had a deep belief that Sargeras was unbeatable. 

In another reality, Velen gave his life to revive Naaru’s abilities. Velen is also adept at aerial bombardment. He had a spaceship called Vindicaar in the Legion, and it was used to bombard the demons on Argus. 

In general, Velen has the ability to kill anyone at any time, of course except enemies who are underground. Anyone still alive today is unlikely to withstand the force of an orbital hit.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas, the previous head of the horde and the leader of the Forsaken, was always among the strongest, but the skills of this NPC in the franchise do not perform as intended. For instance, Sylvanas has Banshee abilities and can kill enemies with a single scream, but this is practically not mentioned in the game. As a dark ranger, she wields dark magic, but hardly uses it. In her lifetime, she was also a tracker, the best of the best in Silvermoon.

She personally was fighting with the Lich King in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but her efforts were in vain. Sylvanas instantly became aware that Arthas had grown stronger since their first encounter and withdrew. The battle took place in the halls of reflection, where Sylvanas Windrunner defeated on her own the ice walls built by Arthas, while the players could only repel the onslaught of foes.

In Cataclysm, a common Forsaken shot Sylvanas in the back of the head.

Sylvanas battled Genn Greymane in the Legion. One particular magical artifact was the cause of the collision. Genn was able to take the artifact despite the fact that Windrunner was obviously stronger, which prevented Sylvanas from carrying out her intentions.

In a separate conflict, Sylvanas Windrunner’s appearance forced Malfurion to flee.

The Banshee Queen is the only member of the horde that can match the strength of the Archdruid. Sylvanas tracked him down in Ashenvale and gave him some hard blows.

At the end of The battle for Azeroth, Sylvanas easily defeated Varok Saurfang and players were not surprised because everyone knew what this hero was capable of.

Sylvanas Windrunner effortlessly deflects bolvar attacks in the Shadowlands introduction. We discover that this strong character gains power from the Jailer after shattering the Helm of Dominance. The jailer is a supernatural creature with the power to order death itself and is considered to be as powerful as the titans. If Sylvanas could compete in combat with Malfurion on an equal footing prior before the bargain with the Jailer, after it she unquestionably attained Jaina’s level.

WoW gave players the opportunity to participate in tales involving Azeroth’s future. The heroes and antagonists in the MMORPG were constantly being changed. Additionally, universal NPCs have grown significantly stronger in the narrative, and WoW players adore them.


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