True Beauty Kdrama: What it is and Where to Watch?

What it is and Where to Watch

The popularity of young girl students in school depends to some extent on their beauty. Most girls are not happy with their appearance, and this is true in most countries. Korean dramas are popular worldwide since they cover subjects that are universally relevant and are well produced. One of the most popular Kdramas is Viki’s true beauty drama, set in a high school in Korea. The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name and is a love triangle featuring high school students. More information on the Kdrama is provided below.


The main protagonist of the drama is I’m Joo Kyung, a student in a Korean high school. She is wearing spectacles and suffers from an inferiority complex since she is not good-looking in a conventional way. Her looks also adversely affect her popularity in school and she does not have many friends. Instead of brooding over her looks, Joo Kyung decides to do something about it. Youtube has a large number of makeup tutorials to improve the appearance of a woman, so Joo Kung decides to watch these tutorials to improve herself. Using the information provided in the makeup videos, Joo Kyung transforms herself to become very attractive.

After Joo Kyung starts using makeup to enhance her appearance, she suddenly becomes the most attractive person in the class and has many friends and admirers. However, she always worries that her secret of using makeup extensively will be exposed. Only one other student, Lee Su Ho is aware of her secret, though he is attracted to her. Though Su Ho is a top basketball player, very handsome, and has a large number of fans in school, he also has his own secrets. Slowly together they discover themselves and learn to handle their insecurities. Joo Kyung also has some other admirers.

How to watch

The drama true beauty consists of 16 episodes of the duration of one hour each. The drama is considered better than the webtoon since it has better production values and is more realistic. Many of the major streaming video channels do not feature dramas like true beauty due to limited demand. However, it is available on the Rakuten Viki streaming app, since the drama is very popular in Asia and Viki has acquired the legal rights for streaming the Kdrama. It is also safer to watch true beauty on Rakuten Viki, there will be no malware. The user can use the Viki App, or streaming devices like Roku, Chrome cast, Fire TV, Android TV, and Roku TV. The Viki app can be downloaded on Apple as well as Android devices depending on the convenience of the user.

The drama is extremely popular in Asia and Europe, so for the convenience of the viewers, it is broadcast with subtitles in thirty-eight different languages including Arabic, English, and Spanish.


The web series was first produced in 2020 and was directed by Kim Sang Hub. Actress Moon Ga Young plays the role of the heroine in the K-drama with Cha Eun-Woo and Hwang In-Yeop playing the role of her romantic interests.


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