5 Tips to Use Google Ads That Will Grow Your Business

Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that can help your business grow. However, with so many features and options to manage, it can be tricky to get started and see results fast. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top 5 tips for using Google Ads to grow your business. Advertising on Google is an excellent way to reach potential customers online and drive them back to your website or store. The good news is that there are lots of different ways you can use Google Ads to boost your business. From targeting specific audiences to testing out new keywords and ad images, there are a number of simple tips you can follow to get the most out of this advertising platform.

Know Your Audience

The first step toward success is knowing your audience. This knowledge will guide you in selecting the right keywords, designing the perfect ad imagery, and selecting the best times to run your ads. This information can also help you decide which ad types may be best for your campaign, and help narrow down the amount of targeting options available to you. More importantly, knowing your audience can help you avoid wasting money on ads that won’t be effective. If your ads aren’t resonating with the people you want to reach, it means you aren’t reaching the right people. Take the time to research your potential customers and make sure you’re targeting the right people with your ads.

Set SMART Goals

When deciding on your ad campaign goals, make sure they’re SMART. This means they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This will help you focus on what’s truly important and avoid getting sidetracked by unhelpful metrics. For example, a common goal for an eCommerce business using Google Ads is to increase their average order value. While this is definitely important, it’s not particularly helpful. Instead, your goal should be to increase the average order value by X dollars. This way, you know exactly what your end goal is, and can measure your success accordingly.

Use Ad Extensions and Keywords

When setting up your ads, you can do so much more than just write a catchy headline. You can actually add various extensions to your ads to help you reach more people and get more clicks. The most common ad extensions are sitelinks, callouts, and topics. Sitelinks are links that appear below your ad and take people directly to a specific section on your website. This is a great way to direct customers straight to a product or category they are most interested in. Callouts are short, bold statements that appear above or below your ad with a link to a specific part of your website. These are a great way to highlight special promotions or products that you want to get more attention. Topics are a type of callout that can appear in the search results and represent your business in a particular category. You can use topics to help your business rank in categories that are important to your business but that you don’t rank as highly in.

Don’t Forget the Differences in ad types

There are a number of different ad types you can choose from when setting up your Google Ads campaign. Experimenting with different ad types is a great way to see what works best for your business. Whichever ad type you choose, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to adjust your ad image and headline accordingly. Text Ads – These ads have a straightforward headline and body copy. The headline should be enticing, and the body copy should explain what the product or service is and why people should buy it. You can include a URL in the very end of the ad to drive clicks to your website. Display Ads – These ads are designed to draw attention to your product or service even when people are browsing away from your website. Display ads can appear on a wide variety of websites, and they often include colorful images or catchy graphics. Shopping Ads – Shopping ads are similar to display ads, but they are specifically tailored for eCommerce businesses that sell products directly on Google. Shopping ads are designed to make it easy for customers to click and buy products directly from the search results. Google Home Ads – This ad type is designed for smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Google Home Ads are like a hybrid between display and shopping ads. They are designed to let people use their voice to shop for products, but they also appear in the search results like a regular display ad.

Make ads look good with Rich Ads

While writing compelling ad copy and choosing the right ad extensions are important, what many people forget is that you’re also in charge of designing your ads. This is especially important if you’re using a Rich Ads feature such as Product Shopping or Service. These ad types feature images and information directly related to your products or service. They’re great for increasing conversions, but only if you have stunning visuals to go along with them. Depending on your ad type, you have the option to add a photo, product image, video, or a combination of these. Remember that the ad is what people see first, so it’s your chance to make a lasting impression.


When it comes to growing your business, Google Ads can be an excellent solution. But only if you know how to use it properly. These top 5 tips for using Google Ads will help you get started and see results faster. From knowing your audience to selecting the right ad type, these tips will help you reach more customers and make the most of your marketing budget.


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