DeVry Class Action Lawsuit: How To Get Student Loan Forgiveness 


DeVry University is popular for its numerous lawsuits for allegedly misleading claims about job rates, graduate incomes, and overall DeVry university frauds. 

The lawsuit also claimed they gave false information about loan policies and educational standards. The DeVry class-action lawsuit began in the 1990s, but there were a few such cases back then. 

This guide will explore the DeVry University lawsuit and how to get student loan forgiveness. 

Let’s begin. 

What Is The DeVry Class Action Lawsuit?

DeVry University’s alumni sued the school for falsifying the job figures they received after graduation. Allegedly, DeVry University misled prospective students about its policies when they applied.

They did so to get students to attend one of their branch universities. Besides the lawsuit, DeVry had to agree to several settlement agreements surrounding DeVry loan forgiveness. And that included the Federal Trade Commission and other numerous states. 

Most of the group’s members were alumni who asserted that advertisements played a significant role in their decision to attend the university. In the questioned commercials, DeVry pushed for students to enroll at their institution.

They talked about how high the employment rate was for their grads.

How To Get DeVry Student Loan Forgiveness 

Borrower Defense To Repayment 

You would need compelling evidence to claim Borrower Defense Against DeVry. You must prove that you have been given misleading information about educational options and career prospects. 

Even though gathering evidence could be challenging, you can receive a full refund if successful.

Given that this is a legal proceeding, you must be very specific in your accusations of the university. In addition to the online Borrower Defense application form, you can use any supporting documentation you may have.

Documents like records of deceptive advertisements you saw online, on radios, or on TV could be used as evidence. When you qualify for loan forgiveness, the Education Department will let you know how your application is progressing.

The Education Department Ready To Wipe Out About 1,800 Students Loans

At least 1,800 DeVry University students will have their federal student loans canceled by the Education Department. In addition, the government has increased its debt discharges for students whose schools have mistreated them. 

Officials encouraged additional DeVry students enrolled when the school made misleading promises to apply for relief.

How To Write A Borrower’s Defense To Repayment Claim

First, remember that paying off your student debts is legally binding. So you must always tell the truth and nothing more or less. Avoid lying or making up evidence since you can run into difficulties with authorities after the inquiry is finished.

When you file your claim against DeVry, you’ll need to accuse them of engaging in illegal behavior. And make it evident that this illegal activity served as the primary reason for your decision to borrow money to pay for their higher education programs.

In other words, your Borrower’s Defense Application will only be accepted if you can prove that you only borrowed the money to attend DeVry University.  

The good thing about the Borrower’s Defense claim is that it’s simple to prove. And that’s because DeVry has already admitted to engaging in illegal behavior. 

Don’t Give Up Yet

There is a good chance you could be eligible for a DeVry University loan forgiveness. And it doesn’t matter the programs you majored in. Or whether you have graduated with a degree or not. 

You can do both whether you have chosen to obtain a student loan forgiveness or a borrower defense. Another good news is that the university agreed to release transcriptions, records, and other academic documents due to the DeVry University Lawsuit. 

Final Thoughts 

If you went to DeVry University, there’s still a chance to get your student loans canceled. Go through this guide and see the options available to you. The Education Department has agreed to forgive over 1,800 students their debts. Find out if you qualify. 

You can also use the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment to get your loans forgiven. If all these alternatives don’t work for you, try loan forgiveness programs. 

You can find a student loan expert to show you the best path to take. There’s a high chance that you’ll make a good decision if you get an informed view of your current student loan situation. 


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