Here’s why fashionable women are choosing even their nightwear and work dresses carefully!


Fashion is a natural part of a diva’s life which boosts her confidence. So, even if she remains on her own, she wants to dress up so beautifully because she deserves the best in all times of her life. Work dresses need to be comfortable and functional while maintaining the dress code and workplace decorum. But, if it is fashionable then it defines a refined taste and expresses the innermost desire of its wearer. 

The modern lady has so many things to do at home and at work and can spend little time caring for herself so even her nightwear needs to take care of her comfort. The white background and multicoloured prints look very cute and abstract and serve as the most perfect nightwear for women who want to look her best all around the clock. The design is gorgeous to look at, provokes thought, is artistic, but at the same time has the tranquillity of pristine white. 

A simple but elegant look comes from the wide assortment of tie and dye materials. Blue and pink together add a subtle cool and calming but metallic reflection at the same time remaining vibrant with the light pink colour. Cobalt blue and light blue provide another option which are completely calming colours to boost the mood in which a diva wants to relax after her hectic schedule to recharge her mind and body to accomplish new goals in the coming day. 

Bubblegum pink is another option for fashion-conscious women who love to dream of unicorns and fairies. Rose gold and aqua can add a regal touch to the strict mom or the student ambitious for her exams. 

Work dresses are another dimension where fashion plays a role in mood. Work dresses need to  be comfortable and look professional and can be asymmetrical, replete with frills, or simple and elegant. A blend of traditional female dresses and shirts is another popular option for work dresses which can look very smart. 

White is a colour that radiates excellence and competence alongside simplicity. It also has a studio air because white dresses remind one of those strict school uniforms. Many designer brands have given it a twist and made it go asymmetrical. The best part is how many designs are possible with a white fabric that stands out against a white backdrop. The prints and polka embroidery can go so versatile and cute that there are so many possibilities imaginable in fashion. 

The options can go limitless from the circular layered dress to midi dress, to cadmium red, olive green, and grey. The best way is to try them out with different accessories and handbags for the most trending feel. 

Check out multi-designer platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, Aza, Ogaan, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, and others to add a unique twist to your closet. Unique masterpieces from Puro Cosa, AMPM, Aranyani, Ritu Kumar, Payal Singhal, Vipul Shah, and Bhavna Kumar will captivate you, ranging from subtle and sophisticated designs to gleaming embellishments.


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