2022 Best Online Casino Guide for Newbies

online Casino
online Casino

While there are tons of new UK casinos, picking the best casino to register for can be taxing. You need a checklist to help you locate reliable platforms like Everygame Poker and find everything you need in an online casino.

Here is a guide that will help you understand things that set apart legitimate casinos, the best online slots, and how casino bonuses work.

Things Every Online Casino Should Have

1. Licensing

Scammers are many. Cybercrime is on the rise, and one of the areas cybercriminals are exploiting is online casinos. Do not fall victim. One way to know if you are dealing with a legitimate casino site is by looking at the licensing information.

A registered and licensed casino would proudly display that information on its platform. The lack of licensing information is a red flag. If a license number has been provided, you might want to look it up and confirm it is listed.

With a licensed online casino, the safety of your funds is guaranteed, and you are protected from unfair gambling practices.

2. Reviews and References

You can never go wrong by referring to the word of mouth while choosing an online casino. Most casino sites have a review section where you can get valuable information regarding the experience on the platform.

Positive reviews tell you that you enjoy your time on the platform. Negative reviews mean you will have problems in the long run.

Experienced online gamblers are also in a position to tell you the best new UK casinos to sign up to.

3. Customer Support

When new to online gambling platforms, you are likely to get stuck once in a while. It is normal, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to go about it. This is where customer support comes in.

Someone in the backend should assist you when you need it. Test them to confirm they are functional if customer support contacts are provided.

4. Bonuses and Promotions

Every new member of the online gambling community deserves welcome bonuses. The best UK online casinos offer welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and many other promotions. They could be in the form of cash or free spins.

Instead of playing your first games using your money, you can utilize free spins for learning.

5. A Wide Range of Games

The extensive choice of games to play is among the many benefits online casinos have over traditional casino venues. It is what makes online gambling enjoyable. Not only does the best online UK casino have many games to choose from, but it should also have the games you are interested in.

The type of games is a critical consideration when choosing an online casino.

Best Online Slots

You have just signed up to a new online casino and are wondering which slots are the best. Here is a list of the online slots that you cannot afford not to try out.

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is among the most loved video slots. The most talented developers, NTL, created Niagara Falls. The impact that the slot will leave after playing it is remarkable.

The bonus features and wins resulting from the exciting Niagara Falls fruit combination is fascinating; you will always come for more. Not only will the slot ignite your love for nature, but you will take home tons of rewards.

2. Wild Robo Factory

You can’t afford to miss out on this slot’s exciting features. Enjoy the spins as you get immersed in a world-growing and overpowering robot community. The most amazing part of this slot is that it has pretty big wins.

3. Sherlock of London

Sherlock of London is among the best games you can ever play on new UK casinos. What is the fuss about? For one, it is a new game that takes cartoon style, bringing by a lively online gaming experience.

If you love humor, this would be a perfect pick for you. The game is founded on five reels, twenty-five paylines, and three rows.

The maximum wins could be anything up to £100,000. There is also plenty of bonuses and free spins that you could get out of this fantastic slot.

Casino Bonuses and Relevant Terms & Conditions

Casinos have to protect their interests, that is, profit-making putting regulations in place that prevent players from abusing the bonuses. Casino bonuses terms and regulations differ with various casinos. However, two conditions are universal.

One is that they have time limits. That is, they have an expiry date. If you fail to utilize them by then, you will lose the bonus. It is essential to confirm the time limits beforehand.

The other term you should be aware of is that not all casino games qualify for rewards. This is because some of them have a low house edge. A good example is video poker.

If the casino has wagering requirements, you may not be able to make a withdrawal of the cash bonuses until you make a given number of deposits. Again, all of this will depend on individual casinos.

Casino Safety, Security, and Fairness

Not all casinos are safe, secure, and fair. If you come across scamming online casinos, you will likely encounter issues like hidden terms, canceling winnings, lack of customer support, and problems while making withdrawals.A good online casino does everything to make the players comfortable and safe. Data encryption, provision of privacy policies, strict casino terms, and the use of random number generators to deal with the games.


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