Modern White Kitchen: 10 Kitchen Ideas for 2020


A kitchen in a home is probably one of the most heftily spent on rooms. From sink to cabinets, tiles to exhaust fan—kitchen decor is often a status symbol for the homeowners. If you are planning for a kitchen revamp anytime soon without spoiling the whitewash, you have come to the right place just in time!

Is White the Color of the Year?

As the Alabaster White won the color of the year rank in 2016, many would assume that it’s no longer in trend. The reality is, white never went out of fashion, and it’s going to rule the shade cards in the upcoming years as well. A modern white kitchen is lustrous and simple, illuminated yet soft at the same time.

Dedicated to all the white lovers around the around, we present to you the 10 most up-to-the-minute ideas to style your cooking space:

  1. The White Artistry

If you imagine your kitchen as your white canvas, you can keep its simplicity untouched by choosing very basic furniture. A simple white tabletop, matching white or matt finish brown chairs and pristine white walls—what a divine place to execute the art of cooking! Remember, the sense of artistry does not necessarily lie in profusion but in the right perspectives.

  1. Flaunt Your Taste 

Either way, kitchens are all about tastes. Why not cabinets then?! Bless your kitchen with the touch of glass and frames by shaker kitchen cabinets or any brands that you prefer personally. You can put your precious China art on show in these cabinets. Having glass covers, your exquisite artifacts will remain unharmed.

Glass windows also help in reflecting the light, making your white kitchen appear glorious, almost heavenly!

  1. A White Duel

How about designing your kitchen area using two tones? Now, these two tones can be similar enough, like the Snow White and the Ivory shade, or the two shades can be in absolute contrast. Let’s take a different example this time—if you fancy the Titan White shade, you can bring home a sink in gray. Later you can paint the shelves gray. This is when you are aiming for a minimal contrasting appearance.

However, to make this two-toned look even more distinct, choose a black & white or a Rose White and the conventional timber tint. Plan it this way—keep the walls white and your RTA Cabinets in brown, and witness the white duel beauty!

  1. The Black Infusion

All white and no black made the kitchen a dull place—surely, the fans of black amid you might think in a similar line. But worry not! Your kitchen can have touches of black if you want. Take the floor, for instance, make it chequered if you please. The jet black shaker kitchen cabinets will also complement the white walls, window frames, and ceiling. And do one favor, make sure you pick the adjacent seats in white if the cooking area has a black island.

  1. Kitchen Kaleidoscope

So the apparent high-on-sophistication modern white kitchen idea that is largely conventional in nature bores you! Why wait? Let some color flow give a new definition to your kitchen. Now, there’s a fact you need to comprehend, a white kitchen isn’t an open sky, it cannot possibly carry off all the rainbow shades put together. It would be smarter if you choose a set of two or three hues that bode well with each other. You can also consult the color theory books, look up online for color matching charts, or download apps that can help you in your mission.

  1. Ornamental Kitchen

Did you know? You can grace your kitchen with kinds of showpieces too! Well, the idea doesn’t suggest that you place an invaluable Venetian vase just beside your utensil rack, let’s reserve such whims for a photogenic kitchen! Remember, your kitchen is your work station, therefore, conceive it in a way where you don’t have to compromise on your safety and comfort.

If you like those pretty hanging pieces of art, let them swing from the handles of the RTA Cabinets.

The black or timber shaded shaker kitchen cabinets can use some plush green creepers; it might give you of cooking amidst nature.

  1. Floating Open Shelves

If you think the closed-door cabinets make a kitchen look way too ordinary, opt for the open shelves. These help the area look spacious, and it feels airy too. Although it is not advisable for families with small children, as they may sneakily try reaching up to get their hands on some pickles. However, if these open shelves rest out your children’s reach, then you have nothing to worry about. 

  1. Go Prints

Prints that look great on your shirts can make your kitchenette appealing too. The designer RTA Cabinets or splashbacks can break your kitchen monotony. Get the glass splashbacks for a display of brilliantly polished kitchen space.

  1. Let There Be Light

Ever wondered how your cooking corner can be completely transformed with the help of the right lighting! Well, here are a few of the variants:

  • Pendant lights in various shapes and sizes
  • Puck lights for cabinets
  • LED light strips for cabinets
  • Track lights for darker zones
  • Spotlights for some light shadow effects
  • Multiple lamp fixtures to highlight the island
  1. All White Mode

If you want to stick to this classic, suave style, you’re most welcome! But be very particular about cleanliness measures. A white, spotless kitchen is a treat to the eyes. Go all white, and live your snowy kitchen fairytale.

Be it a luxurious modern white kitchen or a rustic cookhouse under the sun; the kitchen belongs to you! And when it comes to the decoration part, no one knows better than you and your family!


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