What are the credit card features you should look for?


One of the most common pieces of advice one receives prior to applying for a credit card is to use it sparingly. This widespread cautionary position arises from the debt obligation that builds, and the interest levied on the outstanding due. 

While caution and discretion should most definitely be exercised in case of expenditures, credit cards come with a whole range of benefits that help circumvent them with wise usage. It can be particularly handy when you are cash-strapped. Thus, before making a credit card application online or offline, an individual needs to be aware of its features.

Some features to note in a credit card

The following benefits and features can be rewarding and help in making that extra provision for additional expenditure. It would help to know these important things before applying for a credit card –

  • Exclusive discounts and offer 

Credit card features vary across different card issuers. While some may provide rewards and unique discounts, others may extend access to premium facilities exclusively to the members. There may be complimentary subscriptions to selected brands or standalone benefits like access to the airport lounge based on the type of transaction made. 

Such card-specific privileges help to save money in the long run. For instance, air miles offered with every flight booking through your credit card can make travelling more economical.

For instance, cards like the SuperCard extend exclusive benefits when making purchases through the issuer’s partner stores. Attractive discounts and EMI options are available in groceries, accessories, and clothes at partner outlets.

  • Fraudulent transaction relief 

In the instance of fraudulent transactions through credit cards, once the card issuer is intimated, the transaction can be recourse immediately with zero loss to the cardholder. The card will be subsequently blocked. Typical credit card companies address the problem at their end with features like zero fraud liability cover. The credit card holder is thus exempted from paying for the fraudulent transaction.

Before making a credit card application online, it is best to find out about other security features as well, like ‘in-hand security’ from card issuers address threats from cyber-crime efficiently. 

The card provider also extends pre-approved offers to facilitate a simplified and less time-consuming application process, and ensure instant approval. It is applicable to several financial products like personal loan, business loans, and credit cards. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing name and contact details.

  • Customised spending benefits with select cards

You can choose a credit card that is most suited to your requirements to receive maximised benefits as per your spending habit. Certain card issuers provide accelerated benefits with each such purchase. 

For instance, one card may provide 3X reward points on dining expenditure while another may get you discounts or cashback on hotel bookings. The underlying objective while choosing a credit card is to derive better benefits, and at the same time, avail better opportunities to save.

  • Enhancement of credit score

A good credit score increases the chances of procuring convenient loan approval check this Credit Sesame review on how to get your credit score for free, negotiate for a favourable rate of interest as well as availing a new credit card. If the credit card dues are cleared consistently and well within the due date, the CIBIL score is thus impacted positively. With judicious and disciplined usage, credit cards can hence be highly beneficial for the user.

Comparison of cost and benefit 

To derive the maximum advantage from credit card features, it is important to undertake a cost-benefit analysis among various cards. In making such a comparison, aspects regarding interest rates, ATM withdrawal charges, additional fees, etc. have to be ascertained. It is advised to opt for a card whose annual fee is largely exceeded by the benefits offered. 

Before you make a credit card application online, take note of the above-mentioned features that would be most relevant for you. For instance, if work-related travel figures high on your agenda, then cards like SuperCard can be your ideal travel partner. Making a smart selection of the credit card can help save sizeably on the overall expenditure.


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