What is XRP Crypto?


Ripple is a network that enables fast payments all over the world with no middlemen. That’s a good alternative to modern banks and financial establishments that usually take a lot of time to proceed with transactions from one point of the world to another, along with high fees for such transfers. So Ripple is a new generation payment system that can also be used by financial establishments and banks.

XRP is a platform’s token, which acts as a transient payment level between transferred currencies.

Ripple crypto price is currently $0,3695. It is traded on all popular crypto services and platforms such as Binance, WhiteBIT, Coinbase, etc.

Key Points About Ripple:

  • The network is based on blockchain.
  • Ripple has a consensus mechanism at its core; transactions proceed through bank-owned services that verify them.
  • By market capitalisation, XRP crypto is ranked among the leading assets.
  • Transactions made through the Ripple network are executed much faster and less costly than, for example, transactions in the Bitcoin network.

You can always find the current Ripple XRP price on the Coinmarketcap service or check it out on any large crypto platform mentioned above.

Where Can I Buy XRP?

You can purchase XRP crypto on WhiteBIT by exchanging your coins for XRP or buying them directly with your bank card. Registered clients can attach their cards to accounts and deposit them with fiat money. WhiteBIT is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe, with over 400 assets available. Besides, the platform holds 96% of users’ funds offline, which does not leave any chance for hackers to reach them. 

WhiteBIT offers a separate service with crypto news, guides, educational sector, and much more – White Blog. There you can find Ripple XRP news. However, we recommend checking out Ripple’s social media for the latest updates to learn more about the project.


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