How Can You Improve your Personal Style?

Personal Style

Have you been thinking about sprucing up your look? Getting stuck in a style rut is easy because it’s costly to regularly buy new clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. Luckily, there are a few low-cost ways to shake things up and revitalize your sense of fashion.

A positive shift in perspective can profoundly affect your life and the lives of those around you. Improving your appearance is a great way to draw attention to yourself, feel more confident, and show the world your true self. Some suggestions for sprucing up your current style are:

1. Find inspiration

A person’s sense of style can be influenced by many things, including periodicals and the unique sense of fashion that each of one’s acquaintances possesses.

To get your own look, pick an A-lister or model who epitomizes the aesthetic you admire. Check out the latest issues of must-have fashion magazines to gather visual inspiration. Use those images as motivation by cutting them out and pasting them into a binder or hanging them throughout your space. You can take inspiration from a celebrity’s look without resorting to blatant copying by using specific details as building blocks for your unique style.

Many things have the potential to spark one’s imagination. Don’t focus solely on the latest trends. Take a break from your PlayCroco fun to read old periodicals and books to learn where current fashions got their start.

Your unique fashion sense may draw inspiration from today and your grandmother’s era.

2. Maintain a supply of staples

There are classic pieces of apparel that can be worn again and again. Always pack versatile staples like shirts, jeans, and dressier items. If you stock up on essentials, you can experiment with different combinations until you find something you enjoy.

You could also buy business attire that will provide you with a variety of options for the office, special occasions, and formal invites. To look your best, you should rely on something other than fleeting fashion trends. Instead, try incorporating some trends into your wardrobe to create your own distinctive look.

Affordability is vital when it comes to your staples. Rather than splurging on these staples, invest in accessories that elevate your go-to pieces.

3. Honestly evaluate the clothes and styles you tend to wear

Consider the clothes you wore the most over a typical week. You can even shoot some mirror selfies to have a photo album of yourself.

Once you have a sense of your typical attire, ask yourself what things would make the most significant difference in your appearance. Your goal should be maximizing your return on investment by making the most impactful, least invasive adjustment possible. For instance, the right pair of shoes will make or break an outfit. The same pair of khakis and T-shirts can go from laid-back to polished to formal with the incorporation of the correct shoes. Moving up from t-shirts to blouses, leggings to slacks, or solid colors to patterns can also help you look more put together.

4. If it doesn’t serve your needs, don’t buy or keep it

Many people keep pieces that do not complement their personal style. You might have made a spontaneous purchase of something that was in style at the time or that you thought looked great on someone else.

Still, you have yet to wear or pull it out of storage because it doesn’t complement your style. No article of clothing is worth keeping if it doesn’t boost your self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

5. Draw attention to your assets

Modern women who care about their appearance should dress in ways that draw attention to their best features. Which portions of your body do you consider to be your best features? Choose clothes and accessories that will draw attention to the features you appreciate best about yourself.

Use eye shadow and liner colors that will bring out the best in your features, such as green eye shadow and liner for eyes of that color. Shorter hemlines accentuate long, lean legs.

Take the time to measure yourself so you can shop with confidence. Make a note of your dimensions and carry them with you when shopping.

6. Experiment with colors

Trying out new, daring color combinations is a great way to give your wardrobe a facelift and modernize your look. Even if you often opt for monochrome, do not be afraid to try new color combinations and learn what works and doesn’t based on your knowledge of the color wheel.

Likewise, you can get the same result by trying out different designs and materials.

7. Integrate new pieces gradually

If, for example, you’re not used to wearing blouses regularly, suddenly being forced to do so may leave you feeling awkward and self-conscious. Start by wearing one of your new items once a week once you’ve purchased it. As soon as you feel comfortable doing so, raise the frequency to twice a week, and so on, until you are wearing a blouse to work five to seven days a week.


It’s clear that there are a lot of simple ways to refresh your look. Don’t hold back from pursuing your interests and following your instincts. That you feel good in the look you’ve chosen is more important than whether or not it’s now in vogue.


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