Avoid Timeshare Freedom Group: Lawsuits and Other Issues


The timeshare industry has left many individuals feeling trapped in a cycle of rising fees, scheduling conflicts, and unexpected repairs. Consequently, timeshare owners are seeking to terminate their contracts, but not all exit companies can be trusted to provide reliable and dependable services.

For instance, the Timeshare Exit Team has been accused of providing inadequate guidance, leading to foreclosure, while the Timeshare Termination Team abruptly closed, leaving employees and customers in a difficult position. Similarly, the Timeshare Freedom Group (TFG) from Laguna Hills, California, has been accused of accepting upfront payments and then disappearing, leaving customers in a more precarious financial situation.

Moreover, TFG is currently entangled in legal battles with timeshare developers and facing criminal charges against one of its executives. These issues may also affect the firm’s customers. This article will explore the impact of these problems on TFG and its executives’ legal status. Additionally, it will introduce Forza Consumer Group, a new company founded by an attorney who represented a TFG executive in a case involving attempted murder. Lastly, we will highlight Centerstone Group, a trustworthy timeshare exit company that can help customers terminate their contracts without legal problems or drama. Centerstone Group prides itself on maintaining high standards of ethics and customer service as a family-owned business. They offer timeshare cancellation services, legal assistance from reliable partners, and unique pressure campaigns, all aimed at providing an ethical and lawful exit from timeshare contracts at a reasonable price. They encourage customers to compare their services with other companies in the industry and offer a complimentary consultation and evaluation of each case.

Timeshare Freedom Group Lawsuits From Bluegreen Vacations and Diamond Resorts


Civil lawsuits filed by timeshare developers can have severe consequences for a business, as evidenced by the negative impact on Timeshare Termination Team’s customers and employees. In one such lawsuit (Case No. 1:2020cv25318), Timeshare Freedom Group (TFG), one of its executives, Jordan Salkin, and Salkin’s attorney in his criminal case, Michael A. Molfetta, are accused of false advertising and payment diversion from Bluegreen Vacations. Molfetta and his law firm, Molfetta Law, LLC, are currently litigating the case. Another similar case (Case No. 6:2020cv01668) involving TFG, Salkin, Molfetta, and Molfetta Law, LLC was partially settled in mid-2022, resulting in Molfetta and his law group being dismissed.

It is important to note that being the subject of a complaint does not necessarily establish legal liability. However, TFG and its legal counsel have been involved in complex and costly litigation across the country. These legal proceedings can hinder or even halt any timeshare exit plan with the company, potentially leading to financial loss and the need to restart the process. Additionally, legal issues can arise when a member of a timeshare exit company faces criminal charges, such as attempted murder in this case.

The Criminal Cases Against Jordan Salkin


As per sources, a TFG executive by the name of Jordan Salkin was allegedly involved in a case of domestic violence against his girlfriend in 2017. The incident resulted in severe injuries and hospitalization of the victim. Salkin was subsequently convicted of attempted murder in California state court, but his attorney, Michael A. Molfetta, was able to overturn the conviction and secure a new trial based on evidentiary issues. According to public records, the case is still pending, and the court was preparing for a new trial in 2022. Attempted murder cases can be long, complicated, and expensive, as seen in the civil cases discussed earlier. A re-conviction of Salkin will likely add to the financial and legal pressures on him and his legal team. Moreover, Salkin’s attempted murder case is not the only pending case. There is also a case involving the forgery of public or corporate seals in the same court. These lawsuits not only create additional expenses and difficulties for the company, which is supposed to help resolve clients’ issues, but the second case also raises questions about the fraud committed by a TFG executive. This raises concerns for potential clients to consider.

Molfetta Law and Forza Consumer Group


When analyzing the court documents pertaining to the aforementioned cases, it’s essential to take into account the involvement of Michael A. Molfetta, who has played a significant role in both civil and criminal proceedings. Despite his involvement in numerous legal matters, Molfetta remains affiliated with the timeshare exit industry. This can be observed by his association with several timeshare cancellation firms, including Forza Consumer Group, which he recently joined. Although Molfetta is not listed as an owner of Forza, he is prominently featured on the website and in an animated video, where he claims to have “joined” the group to assist people in getting out of timeshares.

It’s possible that Molfetta created or joined Forza to distance himself from TFG or his other company, Molfetta Law, which was previously labeled a “scam” in a Better Business Bureau review. It can be difficult to determine who is genuinely involved in these situations, as a company may have multiple addresses. While Forza has different owners and isn’t registered at TFG’s address, it’s conceivable that the same individuals are making crucial decisions at both firms.

It’s important to note that the mere existence of a criminal case does not establish guilt, and individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in court. Similarly, being sued does not necessarily imply wrongdoing. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that ongoing legal problems, both civil and criminal, as well as the formation of new companies, are unlikely to expedite or lower the cost of exiting a timeshare. In fact, they could have the opposite effect.

A Better Way: Centerstone Group

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Our array of services, which include timeshare termination, legal aid, and customized pressure campaigns, are all intended to offer our clients a legal and ethical exit from their timeshare at a reasonable price.

We urge you to compare our services with those of other companies in the industry and observe the difference for yourself. Our company has an A rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and our satisfied clients have given positive reviews and testimonials. Please contact us now for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.


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